The East coast

Seems to be the area of the country which gets the wrath of Mother Nature this year.

I’d hate to be in  a home with no power right now in New York or New Jersey.

Prayers for all those dealing with the storm (again).

1 thought on “The East coast

  1. Got our power back this past Tuesday. Returned home yesterday through the snowstorm to start warming the place up. Worried a bit when power failed again but it came back within a few minutes.

    Today some friends who still have no power were able to move in with us for a while. Haven't heard such happiness over a hot shower and clean clothes since my days in the Army after maneuvers.

    Will fetch the Mrs. back home tonight. An untimely injury dictated we move her to a place of power and warmth, but she's improving rapidly.

    Thank you for your concern and kind wishes. We'll get by and, eventually, recover.

    It will bother me, however, watching the barrier islands re(over)built upon. Barrier islands are created and destroyed by superstorms. Most happened long before records were kept. A few have happened in recorded history but have been ignored. This warning will also be ignored. If it were up to me they would be left to the crabs, birds, and day-tripping fisherman and other beachgoers. Lovely as they are, they are no place for dense and permanent population. JMO.

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