SO. Where is the outrage?

In 2005, the press and the DNC sycophants  (but I repeat myself) were castigating the Bush administration  within 48 hours for not having had FEMA personnel on hand to rebuild homes immediately and hand feed each person who chose not to evacuate and to lead them by the hand to an individually and personally built shelter for each family unit.

Where is the outrage today???? 72 hours into hurricane Sandy, which likely affected more people, and the press is silent on the fact that people still have no power and are apparently starving to death because the corner bodega is out of beef jerky, chips and bologna and and are nearly killing each other for gasoline.

I don’t see the massive FEMA convoys coming into the east coast, C’mon man, where are the convoys? Where is the aid? People are out of cigarettes and coffee!

Where is the press on this? Why aren’t they crying out that “Obama hates east coasters”? Especially the folks in Hoboken? Mostly white people (82%) and only 4% black, so he must be racist right??

Where is the outrage?

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