How is it that the “New Black Pantherz” are so intimidating? They appear to be just standing there. So what?

I mean, if I were a 14 year old boy or a 17 year old girl, then yeah, I can see where they might be somewhat intimidating.

But an adult? Afraid enough of the scary looking black guy(s) dressed in semi-paramilitary black outfits (how cute)  that he/she chooses not to vote, or feels intimidated into choosing to vote for their candidate (how would they know?)

Look, I’m mot there, and I am not an inner city dweller, so maybe I don’t understand. But really, what’s the big deal?

If they chose to attempt to accompany me to the voting booth, then that is one thing. But unless they do, then what is the big deal? Just a couple of friends hanging out. It’s a free country. As long as they stay out of the polling place, let ’em. They aren’t breaking any laws until they force people to leave the area and not vote under the threat of violence…and I just haven’t seen that happening.

And if they choose to do so, the protect yourself,… deal with the threat by whatever means is necessary. After the first one bleeds out on the sidewalk figures out that you won’t let him intimidate you, the rest will get the message. Stand up and refuse to be cowed.

Else you are just a sheep.