In which I show that I am a heartless bastard:

Not to make light of the individual tragedies that have happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy….But I’d feel more sorry for these folks if it weren’t for the fact that every few years people in the Midwest have to deal with power outages at least twice this long (in serious winter cold) and it never makes the mainstream news..In fact the media doesn’t care.

Ice storms happen, and the people of the Midwest just prepare for and deal with the aftermath of the outages.They don’t protest nor do they expect the feds to come and fix it. Floods happen, and the Feds don’t care at all.

I am growing tired of the coverage of (and the whining by) the people who were “victimized” by Hurricane Sandy. The folks who seem to feel that the “government” should fix their uninsured homes (or homes that were less than 6 feet above sea level that flooded and aren’t covered because their owners chose not to purchase flood insurance). Folks who seem to have the attitude that “it shouldn’t happen here” because they are the chosen people of New York or something. Folks who made few (if any) preparations for a storm that they KNEW was coming days in advance and would bring HUGE tidal/storm surges, power outages and infrastructure damage. Folks who live on a barrier island where it was inevitable that this sort of storm damage would happen sometime. Yet they are somehow more victims than the rest of the people who have tragedies throughout the country. Folks who made choices and expect someone else to fix the consequences.

We only get coverage of them because they are close to the newsmakers homes. When tragedies like floods happen in Kentucky or Tennessee or Iowa, or ice storms in Oklahoma or Missouri, or wildfires  “somewhere out West” then the media ignores that news ’cause it isn’t close to home, and likely they aren’t even sure where, exactly, those places are.

And had Bush been in office (or, no doubt, any Republican) the cries would be loud and long that he/she wasn’t doing enough to help New Yawk/New Joisey recover.  But the current White House occupant gets a pass to go golfing.

Strange, that. 

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  1. Ain't it though… I think the reason is that people in the mid-West/Mid-South don't whine, they just suck it up, help the neighbors out and get on with life…

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