I’m not saying

That Barry didn’t win.
 I’m not saying that the American populace (at least those who bothered to vote) didn’t select him.

But, having said that, I have to wonder:

What was the margin of cheat? How many of those votes tallied for Barry were legitimate? How many were counted correctly? How many votes for Mittens weren’t counted?

I’m just sayin’

Now a note to the RNC: Perhaps next time you’ll run a candidate who is not DNC-Lite. Find someone we can vote for, rather than leave your candidate to be the guy we vote for only because we fer his leadership less than the other guy. Find a man or woman we can actually get behind and rally round rather than one we will have to hold our nose for. Find a candidate who is different than the establishment/Big Government/Statist person we are voting against.

‘Cause as you have seen, Mittens wasn’t that guy. And we got Barry for another 4 years because of it.


ETA: Unless this is some long term strategy to position your next guy for the 2016 election? 

1 thought on “I’m not saying

  1. The strategy thing wouldn't surprise me, politicians are such dirtbags.

    If you look solely at the military ballots they probably fall within the margin of cheat. I know that in Ohio and Florida, for instance, the libertarian vote would have been plenty to push romney over the edge, and I doubt that the dems would even have left that much to chance if they could cheat and do better.

    Lots of stories in Chicago about people who went to vote and discovered that they already had.

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