An open letter to John Boehner and the RNC

Ok, folk, it is time to stand for something. Time to DO YOUR JOB. We elected you to represent us, and it is time for you to do so.

Negotiations are commencing (no doubt have started already) regarding the impending “fiscal cliff”. And you have to do your part in representing us. Time to step up to the plate. You failed us the last two years; failed to stand your ground. Failed to stay the course we elected you to steer. You “compromised” and “reached across the aisle”. Enough of that. Stand fast and make some changes.

No one wants to see the government shut down, no one wants to see things fall apart. But the fact is that either of those outcomes is preferable to the current course the country and its finances are currently on.

 It looks like you are waffling in the direction of (or already have decided on) raising taxes. (History shows us that raising taxes seldom produces increasing revenue, only a growing economy will increase revenues, and to make that happen, history shows that reducing taxes is the correct course)…But I understand that the pressure being brought to bear upon you is huge. Likely you will, ultimately, vote to raise taxes. If you must do so, then do so. BUT DO NOT DO SO WITHOUT GETTING CONCESSIONS IN RETURN.

For every dollar of new revenue you raise in additional taxes, you need to get 3 dollars of reductions in spending. 3 for one at a MINIMUM. Stop spending money we don’t have. Stop the deficit spending.

CUT GOVERNMENT. Not a cut in the rate of increase. Spend less on government than you spent last year. in 2013, spend 5% less than you spent in 2012. in 2014, spend 5% less than you spent in 2013. Not less than you had budgeted, not a 5% reduction in growth, but an actual reduction in dollars spent in EVERY department and area of government. Yes, I know it seems easy to say, and is likely harder to do. I DON”T CARE HOW HARD IT IS. I really don’t care.

Stop lying to us. We aren’t as stupid as you think we are. We are aware (for example) that 10 billion is more than 9 billion. We aren’t fooled when you reduce spending from the projected 10.6 billion to 10 billion and call it a cut. We can actually count and do basic math. Most of us are aware that 10 billion is an increase over 9 billion spent last year. WE WANT TRUE CUTS. We want you to spend less money this coming year than you spent last year. Period.

So really, what is so hard in cutting 5 % or even 10% across the board? Yes, I understand that some of your constituents will lose funding for their projects, or lose business supplying products to the government. Again, I don’t care. Not a whit. We don’t have the money to spend.

Ideally, you’d make a balanced budget happen immediately. Sadly, you and those before you have made decisions in the past which would make that terribly disruptive were that to happen instantly. I understand that. But really, what is so terrible about starting to change that? Yes some people will be unhappy. Some folks who work for and supply many government agencies will feel the pinch. I, again, don’t care. Most of us (your constituents, remember) are already feeling the pinch, and have been for years. TIme that the government and its workers do so as well.

By the way, when I say cuts, I don’t mean mythical cuts which take effect 10 years from now either. I mean cuts which take place in, and are felt in 2013. No more phantom savings which never materialize. No more lying to us. CUT THE SPENDING.  NOW.

As you consider where to cut (beyond, I mean, the 5% or higher across the board cuts) I would suggest those “entitlements” which are consuming an ever increasing share of our federal budget. Start with a simple plan: No more unneeded handouts to anyone beyond rent and food. Cut SNAP (EBT, or Food Stamps) to a level which only pays for unprocessed food and basic rent. No more McDonalds and frozen pizza for those needing our money to keep from starving. Supply only basic food:  meat, potatoes, milk, rice, cheese, etc. Food that must be cooked.  Stop wasting my money giving people late night snacks at Taco Bell. Same with rent. Pay the landlord directly rather than giving the recipients of that aid cash with which to do so and which they often spend poorly..

Here are a few easy ways to cut welfare and other entitlement rolls practically overnight: Make it federal legislation that anyone receiving federal government aid provide a clean drug test before receiving aid. If they have time and money to purchase and take drugs, then they have time to find (or at least look for) a job. Set limits on the total lifetime entitlement benefits that any one person or family can acquire.  Perhaps require that anyone receiving aid provide 20 hours or more of community service in order to get their benefits.

Stop spending federal money on boondoggles like Solyndra and wind energy and
123 systems which have no real possibility of ever creating a positive
cash flow without continued funding from the federal government. Stop
wasting billions of dollars on shady deals and risky, unproven
technologies. Stop subsidizing boondoggles like wind energy. If the
windmills are viable, then industry will finance them. Since they aren’t viable
without federal subsidies, stop wasting money we don’t have. 

I am sure that you and your staff have many ideas and options as to where the cuts need to be, and I would hope that you are better  informed than I am as to where the cuts could come.

But, again, I really don’t care what cuts you make. Spend AT LEAST 5% (a greater cut would be better) less this coming year than the government spent last year. 5% less again the year after that.

Remember, many of your colleagues were campaigned for, and elected by, the fiscal conservatives in this country in 2010. We expected a change. You failed to provide it. We don’t forget….we DO remember. We got rid of those people who failed to represent us and we worked for, and voted for those in the House and Senate now. We can replace you too.


Seriously. The time has come to do the job we elected you to do. TIme to step up. Stand your ground.

6 thoughts on “An open letter to John Boehner and the RNC

  1. And I don't want any of this raise taxes NOW cut spending Later crap either.

  2. The reality? Never gonna happen. The parties won't cut their pet projects, and certainly won't cut Social Security and Medicare.

    We need cuts across the board- military, SS, Medicare, all of it. It won't happen. We are doomed to economic collapse.

  3. Ya we need to point out to the Republicans that this last election wasn't a loss either and there is no need for them to start swinging left following the mythical Conservative Hispanic vote.

    They need to take this fight into territory they control. Block everything in the House spending and tax increase-wise and give more power back to the States. The States which are over overwhelmingly Republican now backed by Conservatives.

    I don;t know why I bother though they just don't have the balls to fight this fight.

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