In about a month, we are gonna decide on the path this country will take for the next four years.

Path A is a fairly short slide in to economic ruin, where inflation approaches that of Zimbabwe, your savings are worth less each and every day (soon to be at the point where your savings will have no buying power), where the State runs every aspect of our lives and Government is the larges employer and taxes rise to overwhelming proportions, where less than 50% of the people pay the bills for the rest, where the once great United States slides to third world status.

Path II is a slightly longer slide to the same end, the only difference is a slightly different path…Still with big Government running every aspect of your life, taking an ever larger portion of your livelihood, growing ever larger…., inflation rampant, and we slide (slightly less fast) toward oblivion.

Tough choice, ain’t it?

I figure the slow slide is (marginally) better than the fast one. It gives me more time to turn (soon to be worthless) FRNs to tangible assets. .

4 thoughts on “y’know…

  1. I wish I coould see a Path X to avoid all that – but I don't.

  2. Well I figure that the economic collapse is a sure thing just like you do. Yet although Republicans are greedy they really are not as power hungry towards individual rights. As long as we keep those we can survive any collapse.

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