So I had the tractor up on the hill

at the back end of my property earlier this week….in the afternoon.

Now the tractor has the stock Kubota muffler…not loud, but not muffled into silence either.

On the other side of the fence is a piece of property owned by some guy who is big time into some church…they use the property for outings and such in the summer on weekends. Mostly they are decent folks from a large city who think this is the “country”….

Anyway, when I was up on the hill earlier in the week, I see a small encampment. 10-12 Army tents and a whole bunch of vehicles…Hey, none of my business what they do on the other property, so I go about MY business.

Some dude walks over the fenceline and sternly tells me I am “disturbing his peace”, and I need to shut off the tractor RIGHT NOW.

I point out calmly that he is trespassing, and that it’s not like I am mowing at midnight or anything like that…(but I could if I wanted to), and WhoInTheFuckAreYouAnyway?

So, seeing bluster doesn’t work,  he then says “well, look man, I’m trying to appeal to your better nature”.

I replied that he was assuming that I had a “better nature”, (I don’t) and he’d better get back on the other side of the fenceline. He quickly did so, and I continued to water the tree I had planted over Schmoo’s grave and do some other stuff.

Since they were still there this morning (Saturday), bright and early, I decided that it was time to trim some branches with a chainsaw….So I did so this morning…. for about an hour.

They were Not Happy.

I’m gonna get up even earlier tomorrow. Might even take the muffler off the thing. Wanna play with the big boys? Bring yer “A” game.

We play differently here, outside the city limits, past the end of the sidewalk…..

Better nature indeed.


10 thoughts on “So I had the tractor up on the hill

  1. Yep, that's about how the game is played. Who expects a quiet Saturday anyway?

  2. Who the F. are these guys? Maybe it's time to get some target shooting in.

  3. I'm reminded of an old Warner Brothers "LooneyTunes". One of the characters confronts Bugs, who says (to the camera),"He don't know me very well, do he?"

    I'm with Craig. Midwest Chick, you, and maybe Brigid and EJ should plan on burning up a few hundred rounds.

  4. Thought about the target shooting in the AM….. Sadly though, they are at the end of the range, and shooting while they are there is not safe.

    But the thought DID cross our minds.

  5. From what you wrote about the owners and the use they put the land to the guy is just clueless. City people can be like that. My bet is you already taught him a lesson so why make the others who are there pay for his personal problems more? There maybe a few in that camp that quietly applauded your smack down as well. Maybe you even helped them in that they as a group were trying to help this guy as well.

    Just a thought.

  6. PP:

    Many of them watched him do his little rant. No one tried to stop him, not did anyone apologize for his behavior.

    Therefore, they defacto approved.

    I waited until 9 AM before making any noise there this morning. It was Sunday, after all.

    Besides, I hadda cook breakfast for MC.

  7. Want to ap[peal to someones better nature? have a better nature. I expect if the guy had come and spoken with you and said "hey, we're having such and such a meeting, and we have speakers lines up for X, so while I understand you have things to do on your property could we work together so our schedules don't interfere with each others?"

    Demanding you stop doing what you were doing- I have to say, I'm disapointed you didn't call me for some naked mud wrestling, We could have chased them off but good.


  8. OG:

    You understand.

    When you open the hand with "asshole". then that's the way we play the hand.

    Open with "reasonable", and we can play that way.

    I try very hard to do "reasonable" as often as possible, 'cause once you go asshole, it is hard to back up to reasonable.

    But if someone wants play the other way, then that's the way we can play.

    I give lessons.

  9. Sorry I couldn't get you a cannon from the Civil War Re-Enactment this weekend. Nothing says "Good Morning" like a 150 year old cannonball through your tent.

  10. Still think the naked mud wrestling would have added a whole new type of je ne sais qua.

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