One truth from the Debate:

There will be an attempt to put in more “Gun Control”….Likely via an “Assault Weapons Ban.

Both candidates agreed that some form of additional gun control would happen.

Again: we have a choice between bad, and worse.

6 thoughts on “One truth from the Debate:

  1. Bad and worse is always a matter of perspective. I see one horrible candidate, and one better candidate. But I'm not voting for either of them. I always cast my vote for the choice that will end in more freedom. More freedom always gets my vote. Pretty simple, really.

  2. I didn't hear Romney say anything about more gin control only a placating education philosophy thing.

    I may have missed it though I was still screaming at Obama when Romney started talking.

  3. He especially didn't say he wouldn't, either.

    Expect a ban to come forth, whomever is in charge.

    Plan accordingly. (you should have done so already)

  4. Yep, lesser of evils… We 'know' the rank and file Pubs will NOT go down that path again, regardless of who sits at 1600…

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