Note to all those folks

Who are panic buying their Evil Black Rifles, new Glock pistols, High Capacity magazines, assorted AK’s and the tons of ammunition:


You paid way too high a price, significantly more than you would have paid for the same items 6 months ago. If you were wanting any of the above listed items, you should have purchased them 6 months ago (or even earlier) when the prices were lower. You should have had the brains to buy these well BEFORE the election. Panic buying indicates that you have no forethought, and that you couldn’t see that pricing would skyrocket because people would suddenly realize that we might be facing 4 more years of “Hope and Change”. 

I am sure that the merchants at the gunshows appreciate your lack of forethought, and really appreciate the panic you were feeling because you can’t look farther than the end of your nose. I am surprised that you can think far enough ahead to tuck it in before you pull up the zipper.

This happened last election, and the one before that, and the one before that….Likely even before that, but i wasn’t paying attention to such things much earlier than that.

If you feel like you paid a high price for those firearms ammunition or accessories, and it hurts, then maybe you learned something.

Now as soon as your wallet recovers from your lack of foresight, learn enough to go stock up and prepare by buying some food and other supplies BEFORE you need it desperately.

2 thoughts on “Note to all those folks

  1. Excellent point! I even had a neighbor ask if I wanted to sell him some ammo- my answer, No!

  2. I went to the gun show last Saturday to buy a single point sling adapter and a sling and pick up a few misc. doo-dads. It was worth the price of admission to watch the idiots play tug-o-war for the remaining DPMS AR sorta clones. People looked scared, were rude, and finally I just got the hell outta there.

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