Not so much:

Total temperature rise in the last 15 years?

Exactly ZERO.

Not that you’ll hear about it on the MainStream Media.

And now the denials begin:

1. You can’t use 15 years as a basis to predict anything…(except that they always have).

B. There are more factors than just temperature (what we “deniers” have said all along!

And others yet to be heard…

 Is Global Warming Climate Change real? Maybe. Maybe not.

But we have wasted spent an awful lot of money (and enriched a great number of connected people in the process) to Do Something subsidize a renewable energy infrastructure that is ineffective for about the last 5 years or so….To what real effect?  

We have given an awful lot of money to, and subsidized the salaries of a significant number of “researchers” to prove….what?

We have strangled businesses and damaged our economy to make exactly what change in the environment? 

We have paid for a large number of “elites” to jet about the world in 1/3 full airplanes and spew How Many? tons of carbon from their private jets as they flock to exotic locations to “discuss” the “issues” in a party atmosphere group setting (rather than use video conferencing or other methods to save all that carbon and wasted energy) and accomplish exactly what?

Someday our descendants will look back and laugh at us for allowing this to happen. 

One thought on “Not so much:

  1. The world has seen many warming and cooling periods. Some much more severe than we have seen over the past few decades. Western civilization flourished because of a warming trend way back when. It is the height of arrogance by men to believe they can so radically effect nature on such a scale. Unfortunately in some ways we have been able to effect nature for the bad and that has fueled their arrogance.

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