Romney looked good, but only because Obama looked so bad.

Romney came prepared, Obama didn’t, not really.

Romney trashed the set statements and talking points Obama had memorized. All of which were crafted to set emotional hooks into people, all (or nearly) were refuted by Romney.

That was the best way to call someone a liar that I have seen in a long time.

It was nice to see someone actually let them define the differences between them. (which aren’t as great as they would have you believe)

Obama, when he isn’t given softball questions, and when the debate moderator isn’t setting the stage for him, isn’t much good at debate when his teleprompter can’t help him.

But Obama’s body language showed he really wasn’t interested in being there, and he looked bored. Romney, on the other hand, looked engaged and eager for the challenge.

While Romney may have won the debate, it wasn’t a resounding victory……and really, 40% of the electorate is gonna vote for whoever the DNC says to (and, to be fair, a similar percentage will vote for the anointed of the RNC with no questions either), so he really only needed to convince enough of the remaining 20 percent anyway… or enough to win the electoral votes.

Others think that it was the delivery

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  1. I did miss it, but I watched CNN International crying in their spilt milk…LOL

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