You should read this too

This is an excellent article on what *MIGHT* (and likely will) happen if the US government runs out of money for “entitlements” , or chooses to end them. What might happen if the payments to keep the the proles quiet end for any reason.

EBT, free cell phones, welfare, medicade, section 8 housing, etc. These are all payments to keep the lower classes in their place and to keep them from preying on the rest of the citizens in the US society.

What happens when we get tired of paying the danegeld?

Maybe the scenario that Peter brings. Pay attention to what he says, he has experiences that you and I don’t in the destruction of a society. He has seen what you and I haven’t.

You should read the rest of his articles (look on the right sidebar) on preparedness. Think about his lesson, and, if you are smart, learn enough from them to begin your own preps.

If you are in a large city, you’d better make plans to be elsewhere if and when. If you are in the outskirts, then you’d better make plans to defend against those who would take what you have. They likely won’t care how they get it, or the damage they do when they do.

Think I am nuts? Maybe I am. Paranoid? Perhaps.

But Fernando Aguire (Ferfal) has seen the decline happen slowly, rather than quickly like Peter.

And read this article if you think that people won’t steal what they want when they think that they can get away with it.

And remember, the police are only effective because the crowd fears them. When that fear disappears, then the police are neutered. There are always more bad guys than cops. Once their authority is broken, so are they.

And, if you are into worst case scenarios, read this. Lest you think it is fantasy, the flash mobs and flash mob looting is already happening in Chicago. Riots aren’t that far behind.