As the Democrats meet

To promote their policies….to promote their spending and entitlements, To promote the current administration and tell us how great a job Obama and his henchmen have done…To promote raising of taxes(again). As they denigrate the millionaires and Billionaires. The business owners and the wealthy, who already pay the majority of the taxes that fund the government (except , of course, for the deficit spending). As they promote the socialist policies of the Unions and pander to their base, most of whom are leeches takers rather than producers….As they tell stories about how poor people succeeded only with help from the government…never by hard work or by smart decisions. As they tell each other how they need more entitlements to help poor people and more social programs which cost millions for dubious (if any) results…. As they agree among themselves that they need to spend just a bot more of other peoples money and put the country just a bit deeper into debt…..

As they discuss and promote their new slogan….”Forward”.

The national debt tops 16 Trillion dollars.

That is, you realize, $136,260 per household.

The current debt (as of Friday)  is $16,015,769,788,215.80

Look at that number again.

And again.

It has grown from an (already horrific) 10.6 Trillion dollars at the end of 2008 to 16 Trillion today, less than 4 years later..

4 years. 6 trillion dollars. And for what?

Now, if we had actually gotten something for those dollars that we spent (but did not actually, you know, have), it might have been, if not a good thing, at least worth the larger debt. But what do we have for this additional 60% increase in an already terrible crushing debt?

Nothing. Obama and his ilk have enriched a lot of people most of whom are friends and campaign contributors… But what did the country get?

Yeah, I usually like dinner and at least a movie first too.

One thought on “As the Democrats meet

  1. One more thing to keep in mind – that is our share of the money that is SPENT already. If you look forward 30 years, and we as a country actually intend to keep our promises), there is another 100 TRILLION waiting in Medicare and SS. The actual tab per family is orders of magnitude higher.

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