Y’ know….

While I am horrified by the killing of innocents , and feel very sorry for the folks in Wisconsin at the Sikh temple…..

There is a part of me which cannot help but wonder if this incident was fomented by the Anti-Gun folks in some manner in order to foster a greater public fear of firearms in general, before they push for another Assault Weapons Ban.

Sadly, it is not outside the realm of imagination (or possibility) with the folks we have trying to shape public opinion today…..After all, the eggs in an omelette are sacrificed to a very good cause. Justified, unless you are the eggs.

Were these people treated in the same manner?

It seems so….coincidental (and fortuitous for them) that these things happen just when there is a big push for more legislation….and just before an election too.

The frightening thing for me is that I could even think those thoughts about other people.

My prayers are with the victims at this time.

5 thoughts on “Y’ know….

  1. In your previous post you said that, perhaps, some deaths (Japan) were justified to stop many more potential deaths.

    Perhaps someone thinks shooting up a temple or a theater is justified in the same way.

    Not so palatable food for thought.

  2. Depends on your motivation, I guess.

    The Sikhs did not declare war, AFAIK, on anybody….

    Japan attacked the US. Started a war. Their reasons may have been been justified, but Pearl Harbor……

    I really don't see more than a tenuous connection between the two.

  3. "I really don't see more than a tenuous connection between the two."

    Because you are a reasonable person. But to someone that believes that the end justifies the means, slaughtering "a few" to bring about the (perceived) utopia of a society with "no guns", I fear that the perception of acts necessary to make everything "better" is sickeningly different.

  4. I just found it interesting reading going from one post to the next. Fired up a thought or two.

  5. The truly sad part is that we can even consider that possibility… And ironically, Sikhs are NOT muslim!

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