I think

That it’s neato and all that that (nearly) everyone who could chose to show their support for one day at Chick-Fil-A to protest the attempted suppression of freedom of speech (and/or support for the comments about gay marriage or whatever your particular reason…)

But if you really support them, then you’ll have to change your ways and eat there more often. Otherwise it’s a flash in the pan and the Left/MSM/DNC can (rightly) ignore you.

One day surges may be great and all that, and you think that it makes a statement. Yes, it does. But if you really support the company and their leaders beliefs, then you should change where you buy your lunch to patronize CFA more often.let the lesson to the left be that you really support them, and show the left a significant sales gain.

We already chose to patronize them. Not just because they have good (semi) fast food, but because we like what their company stands for…the fact that they walk the talk and eschew the profits they COULD be making were they open on Sunday….Likely significantly more than one seventh of the total.

Now, Sunday isn’t much of a special day for us. Neither of us are terribly churchgoing people or anything, but we do respect the fact that a Christian company walks the talk….We like the fact that all their employees are clean cut, can speak real english (no matter what their ethnicity) and that the employees are helpful and make for a nicer fast food dining experience. And we really think that the state should get out of the marriage business, so the comments matter little to us.

If you are more than just a fashion follower, and really support the company, then patronize them more often. Really support them.

Otherwise your statement, while nice, means nothing, really.

2 thoughts on “I think

  1. You mean i have to keep going back to chick fil a? What a pain!

    You bet your bippie im going back, as often as i can!

  2. Ate their yesterday.
    Long line. Other foodcourt vendors empty.

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