I figure Mitt is waiting

for the first presidential debate:

“Well, Barry, since you brought up my taxes, and feel that a fuller disclosure is needed….

Tell ya what, hoss, I’ll disclose the last 5 years of taxes. They’ll show that I made money, and used every tax rule that I could find to reduce the amount of taxes I paid. All according to the rules, you see. I made money, and paid taxes on it.  And I’m not ashamed to say that I did what I could to keep as much of MY money as I could.

But, Barry, I’ll disclose them and release all that information, when you, as a quid pro quo, release the hold you have on disclosure of your college application, transcripts and grades….. further, I think that in the interest of full disclosure, you let everyone examine your supposed Hawaiian birth certificate.

All in the interest of “full disclosure” and all that, ya know.  I’ll ask the questions that the press won’t, but that the American people are asking…

I mean, as you and your sycophants have said many times, the American people have a right to know and all that.

So, I’ll meet you tomorrow, at a place of your own choosing, and we can hand each other those documents, okay?….Where should we meet, and when, Barry?”

It’d be Barry’s worst nightmare.  You just know that Mitt is waiting for the chance…. doncha?

6 thoughts on “I figure Mitt is waiting

  1. That would be awesome and I wouldn't put it past Mitt to do that. He can be quick witted and will make SCFOAMF look like a child.

  2. Actually, I figure Mittens will never bring it up. You know he won't …. doncha

  3. ON the bright side, we won't be paying a lot of money for a presidential library, will we? An old telephone booth should be able to hold everything that he will "disclose"

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