Bad drivers

Good thing I am not homicidal (and that the law makes it hard to mount twin 20mm cannon on my truck)….

There were an alarmingly large number of incompetent/uncaring/rude/asshole drivers on the roads this fine Saturday morning.

Enough that I chose to go home rather than grow more angry at the plethora of near misses and such that I encountered today.

I feel bad because I allowed the bad drivers to chase me off the roads.

I let them win…

3 thoughts on “Bad drivers

  1. Seems to me you decided to use some restraint rather that let the idiot azzhats really put a damper on your weekend. Kudos to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The important number is the ratio of bad to good drivers on the road. Yesterday a single driver cut me off โ€“ the other 2363 (plus or minus a couple) drivers I encountered did not. And the driver who cut me off – I was the first person heโ€™d forced on to the shoulder in over twenty years. Therefore, I think the good drivers won!
    My point is that the vast majority of drivers are fantastically competent โ€“ otherwise weโ€™d all be dead.

  3. The problem with the double 20's is the impact it'd have on fuel economy from the additional drag and from the recoil. I'd recommend a front-mounted ram so you can just run them off the road.

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