1 mile from my home

There was a home invasion the other day…it happened one mile from my home. 4 people, all from inner city locations about 40 miles from the place got together and planned the invasion and robbery.

They planned for a time when the homeowner would be home, when she would be able to open the safe. They beat her and stole her property.

She opened the door for them because it was early afternoon and the person at the door said his car had broken down and he needed to use the phone. It was a “safe” time, not the middle of the night.

Because it was broad daylight, her guard was down.

4 men, and one older lady. She lost the struggle.

The cops caught them, but she is still beaten badly, and her property is still awaiting her ability to be reclaim it.

Never say “it couldn’t happen here”. This was a nice, rural location, low population density, all good people living in the area. But these men traveled 40+ miles to invade this woman’s home and steal her possessions and beat her. They came from the city to the country for one purpose. Yes, they likely had inside information. But the fact is that it DID happen here. And while the police DID catch them, it was AFTER the fact, and a woman lies beaten and damaged and her home in disarray and her possessions still missing.

This is why I am armed 100% of the time even when at home. It matters not if I am working in the yard, or watching TV on my couch or posting on this blog. 

Does the gun make me safe? Not at all. But it gives me a chance against 4-1 odds. It gives me a chance to fight back. I may not be an elderly woman, but I cannot face 4-1 odds and win, unless I have another tool with which I can even those odds.

Even here, in a “safe” neighborhood I go armed….always. There are those who say I am paranoid., and perhaps they are correct….but I call it prepared. The goblins have automobiles with which they can travel from their lairs to my home. So I stay alert and stay prepared to defend that which is mine.

You can take my possessions, break into my home, and maybe even beat me into submission to access my safes. But you’ll have to weather a storm to do so. You’ll pay a price to steal from me.

3 thoughts on “1 mile from my home

  1. my bet is that not as many think you are as paranoid as once did….

  2. Matt is right, and no, these days you are NOT paranoid…

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