Negligence, plain and simple.

Dude should be charged with Negligent Homicide. But he’s a cop.

 Likely, alcohol was involved.

Alternatively, his story is bullshit and it is murder. Which is, IMO, much more likely.

Either way, he should be charged. Guns never “just go off”.

Being Detroit, it was likely a GLOCK, but still….

If it were anyone but a policeofficerman, charges would have already been laid, and the person would be in jail for some sort of homicide.

3 thoughts on “Negligence, plain and simple.

  1. A black person was shot and no one was arrested. Where is Sharpton and Jackson on this? Where is the speach from Obama?
    Why isn't the NBP party issuing death threats?

  2. M&P 9.

    Improperly sized floppy neoprene Unca Mike's/Blackhawk! IWB.

    I was all in the "somethin's fishy" camp, but…

    1) There were an awful lot of people at the party for them to "be keeping their stories straight" and…

    2) A good alternative theory was pointed out here:

    I hope he invested the money he saved by buying that shitty holster wisely.

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