Kin ya tell me

Where any of this is wrong?

’cause I fear that it isn’t.

What happened to the republic that I was taught about in school?

Yeah, I know that it has been slowly eroding, chiseled away bit by bit by the liberals and the “Progressives”. Probably has been that way since well before I was born.

But the country in which I was raised, which I came to believe so strongly for, which allowed me to take pride in the title “U.S. Citizen” has, in not so many years, disappeared. Roadblocks for hard working people, disincentives for folks to make money (and, generally not coincidentally, jobs for others).  Fewer and fewer taxpaying citizens, more illegal immigrants and a whole lot more folks leeching off the rest of society….encouraged to do so by the same government which forcibly takes from the productive and gives to the non productive.

Now this. The outlandish ruling by the Supreme Court. That (once highly held, but no longer) bastion of “Right” and constitutionality. A ruling which gives great power to the federal (and eventually state and local) government. A ruling which upholds their power to coerce you to purchase goods and services and penalize you with a “tax” when you choose not to.

I would never advocate violence against those Justices. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they should see some. They have turned traitor to their oaths. They have perverted their office. They have damaged the Constitution which they swore to uphold.

I truly know not what to do. Where to turn. Where to go. The liberals and Progressives appear to have won.  What choice the US or Europe? Without the laws and rules and limits placed on government by the Constitution, what separates this country from all the rest?

Even if we legislatively get rid of the mismash called “Obamacare” the precedent is set. It will be used against the productive and free citizens of this country again. The Supreme Court ruling will stand forever and another chunk of the greatness of this country, chipped away, leaving the foundation damaged and the rest tottering will be the legacy.

I fear for my country, I fear for the countrymen who made this country the greatest and most productive in the world. I fear for the productive citizens who work hard today, but, like me, see no future. See no hope. See nowhere else to go. Nowhere to run to, to escape to. Nowhere to get away from those who would tear down rather than build up, who would take from those who do and give to those who don’t. Who would damage their country in doing so.

Sometimes I wish that our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers would have shot each socialist as they entered the country and burned the bodies in a great big pile weekly, instead of leaving us to deal with the festering pestilence that they have spread across this country.