It seems appropriate

On Independence Day, to suggest this as an appropriate place for you to send any spare money you have lying around.

Holsters for Heroes seems like a worthwhile cause.

Sponsor a holster for a serving soldier or Marine. I am.

I think it is a Good Thing. Let ’em know that we care.

I can tell you that Michael makes excellent holsters. He has made 3 for me, and 1 for MC (and an awesome knife sheath/holster for her as well.). He’ll likely make more for us too, as the need arises.

In fact, I am evaluating the (slightly customized) Clipper holster he made for me. (Currently breaking it in before doing a review) right now…..If I could convince him to take the time (he’s like really overloaded with orders right now) I’d have him make me a custom recoil pad for the Sharps.

So, seriously, support yer troops.

Just a thought.