If yer reading this

Then you likely fit the criteria to be a potential terrorist.

Jesus H. Tapdancin’ Christ. Can’t they do any better than that?

Fully half of the country trips 3 or more of the indicators.

I must make their indicator light up like a pinball machine. Or a Vegas sign. 

6 thoughts on “If yer reading this

  1. I am not even sure where to start with that piece of garbage. When listing the "religious terrorist examples" all but one where Jewish/Mormon/Christian terrorist groups. The Islamist group listed I have never even heard of. Are there really Mormon terrorists?

    The report claims there were only two religious terrorist attacks in the US in the decade of the 2000's. I guess the shoe bomber and underwear bomber don't count? What about the attacks on people passing out Bibles in Dearborn, is that not religious? When an Army Major shoots up an army base shouting Allah Akbar that is not terrorist? What about the attacks on Jewish Synagogues all over the country, or Church burnings?

    I will not even get into the definition of an "Extreme Right Wing Terrorist". Just think, your tax money paid for that report.

  2. I'm trading in my "Proud to be an American" t-shirt. The new one will say, "Proud to be a Terrorist"

  3. YOU??? Hell, what about US? Sigh… Another (or variant of the same) list…

  4. I went and read through this report and got more and more puzzled, because by the time you check through every category, pretty much everyone in the entire country fits at least one warning sign or another, from the #OCCUPIERS to the Tea Party to the Greens to the Birchers…

    What an amazing piece of a$$-covering! No matter who commits the next terrorist attack on US soil, the guys who got paid to compile this thing can say "See! We warned you!"

    It's like a weatherman telling you that tomorrow's going to be either rainy or sunny or maybe snowing. Or possibly cloudy. Or hot. You never know…

    Thanks for nothing, DHS.

    Why don't you just set my tax dollars on fire? That way at least someone could get some use out of them, like heat or light…

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