Danger! Will Robinson, Danger!

Or not…

So there is a large CME coming to us some time Saturday morning

Likely, it’ll just give pretty lights in the sky farther south than normal.

Then again it  could cause some issues: “A G2 level storm can cause some power fluctuations that may set off some voltage alarms for power companies,”

Or it might be a fizzle…

Depends on who you listen to.

But really, are you prepared if the lights go out? Can ya live without all the things that electricity does for you? Water, AC, refrigeration, lights, etc? Got cash for when the ATMs are dark?

What are ya gonna do when yer beer is warm? Yer food is spoiled? and your house is hot (or cold, depending on the season)?

Got a plan? Got preps?

If yer reading this after 9 AM Saturday, then this one was a fizzle. But the next one?

HT Feral Irishman

4 thoughts on “Danger! Will Robinson, Danger!

  1. Gee.

    It's quarter-til-nine right now, and I'm not having any pr

  2. It did cause my GPS to take about 5 minutes longer than normal to lock up…

  3. I am prepared. If it all goes to *(#* I'm loading up the supplies and the dog. You will find me in your garage next to the frig full of Yeungling (see, that's what happens when you give someone the code to your home entry system 🙂

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