2nd amendment paranoia

Can be found HERE and HERE.

On the first: It’ll never happen until AFTER the election. Then it will be a fight in congress….Depends on how the House and senate come down.

And on the second: For all you folks talking about how we have to elect Mittens to keep conservatives on the Supreme Court…Who appointed Scalia?

It’s gonna come down to either use ’em or lose ’em. If you think you’ll hide ’em or bury ’em until “the time is right”…..The day you decide to hide ’em is the day you should decide to use ’em.

If you are behind the curve and haven’t bought any ammo for a stockpile, you have a few months left, but you’ll pay dearly for the failure to stock up months and/or years ago when it was cheap.

Me: I think I’ll just stock up on more primers and powder….and other such things while they are still unregulated.

I’m not the first to say it, but I doubt that I’ll be the last.

They will never stop trying.


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