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It is interesting just what made the losses in the bailouts.


Plain and simple.

He took your (and my) money and gave it to the UAW and associated unions (and, IMHO) in an illegal manner.

Either way, he (and the unions) stole $26 Billion of our money.

And we let him (them) get away with it.

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  1. Yes there is. When I had to buy a new car last year, I bought a Subaru. I've got a driveway and garage full of GM, but I bought a Subaru this time. I am not buying stolen goods, boys.

    Want to know the funny part? The Subaru dealer is also the GMC dealer. He asked me if I wanted to look at a Terrain. I told him that I didnt' know his politics, but mine say that I'm not doing business with companies that were stolen from their rightful owners.

    He looked at me, and over the 3/4 of his lot covered in GMC vehicles, not a browser among them. Then he looked at the 1/4 of his lot holding Subarus, and the several of us looking at them.

    "Yeah, I hear that a lot."

    The best way to win is to put them out of business.

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