Now that the furor has died down

And the screaming and such by the unions losers has ended,

It seems to me that the big thing we need to take from the elections in Wisconsin (and California as well) is that the people have spoken. And they have spoken against greed, and spoken against bigger government, and spoken against deficits.

And they spoke loudly.

If the margin of victory was so large in a state like Wisconsin and California, then it shows that the people are tired of the same old same old, and want some responsibility and some sense.

And, while I really don’t think that the vote will fix things, I am impressed by the sentiment that these votes demonstrates.

There may be hope yet.

We shall see.

One thought on “Now that the furor has died down

  1. Yep, and the Dems are in trouble, and making excuses… WHAT a surprise! NOT!!!

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