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(I may not agree entirely with Og, but he is hard to argue with.)

Borepatch has it right. And, while I may not think that Obama is going to be the train wreck in his second term that most folks feel it will be, I also believe that Romney’s core values are not that different from Obama’s….and are indeed as far from many of us as Obama’s are.

Romney will be as bad a train wreck as Obama, just on a different set of tracks, going in a different direction. With a diesel locomotive rather than an electric one.

I fear for the future of this country….Obama’s vision of our future is frightening, and Romney’s may be worse. At best, Romney’s is no better, just a different path in the descent into hell.

Aratae’s suggestion may be the best one.

For the next four years, this country is screwed. What we have to do is to decide what happens after that.

And Borepatch may have the right of it.

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  1. The one big difference I see between Ă˜bama and Romney being president in 2012 is that the media will be more likely to do the job they are supposed to be doing if Romney is voted in.

  2. Good point MrB, and I'm buying more ammo and canned food… I 'hope' things will improve, but I'm not holding my breath, regardless of WHO is elected…

  3. I started out reading Borepatch's post wondering where the catch was, what the clever point would be, What good reason there would be for voting for Obama.
    I'm still waiting.

  4. "I may not agree entirely with Og, but he is hard to argue with"

    We're not arging, we're trying to have a discussion. If we were arguing, probably one or both of us would be bleeding more.

    I love this country. I'm trying to find answers. I can't get anyone to give them to me. So far I've been told what Romney will do, byut people who are not God, and therfore by definition do not know. I have been told what Obama is going to do, by people who are also, arguably, not God, and do not know. I have been told who I'm going to vote for, by people who do not know, I've been told how stupid I am for believing the things I do, even though I believe nothing and am just asking a question. Only a very few people have stepped up and answered the actual question I ask, almost everyone is answering questions i did not ask, telling me my question is stupid or irrelevant, and attempting (weakly) to belittle me. That- not what Obama can do, or what Romney can do, is what scares me most about the future of the nation. People place great faith in conclusions to which they have come, and become defensive and angry if you question how thye got there. It shows me it is emotion and not reason that have taken them where they are.

  5. As I'v said elsewhere…Romney will probably be a little better short term than Obama, but then the next election is guaranteed to be RINO vs. Liberal. If Obama wins, at least the next election has some tiny chance of Republicans running someone half decent. (If only we could get Biden vs. either of the Pauls)

    The differences here aren't enough to get me to vote for either of them–the best I can hope for is that a Libertarian-ish third party candidate draws enough votes to make the 'real' parties pay attention and shift platform marginally in that direction.

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