Was this what those folks fought and died for?

Illegal search

Was this the “Freedom” those folks we remember and honor today gave all for?

Methinks many of them would lock and load and stand against it.

I find it shameful that this happens in the US at all, and especially on Memorial Day weekend. 

2 thoughts on “Was this what those folks fought and died for?

  1. There is a strong possibility that I would have been arrested, had I been travelling that stretch of road during that little exercise. No, not for any illegal activity I was engaging in prior to arriving at the checkpoint, but for participating in the perfectly legal act of exercising several of my rights, including the one about telling the various assembled coppers the many acts they could perform before I subnitted to their little constitutional rights violation festival. Heck, even a rookie cop would have a good chance at making a solicitation charge stick!

    That there is no mention of folks resisting this gigantic feel-up says more about what we have lost than all the statistics about jobs, unemployment, and the latest slump in school standardized test scores.

    Just reading about it makes me want to go out and smack a hippie to try and even the zietgiest.

    stay safe.

  2. Yep, and the 'key' term was “If we do stop you, certainly we'd have reason to stop you and the officers just investigate from there,” so they were 'claiming' probable cause, and I'm betting the drug dog was 'alerting' on any vehicle where somebody said no…

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