at 5:30 PM.

Turnout was very low for the primary.

circa 22%

No wonder we get the kind of politician we do.

I did my part to vote against the poor examples of humanity that wish to rule us.

Sadly, with one exception, I was unable to find anyone to vote FOR.

I didn’t vote for Romney, as his annointing is a foregone conclusion. 

2 thoughts on “Voted

  1. Good for you. I know a number of Conservative/Constitutionalists/Libertarians disagree with me but what's done is done and we need Obama out more than supporting our guy (Whomever it was) who didn't win. Tried and failed now let's just get the Golfer in Chief out and then we can try and change the primary again next time.

    We will survive a Romney President we may not survive another Obama one.

  2. I DIDN'T vote for Romney.

    Likely won't in the general either.

    You should read Borepatched comments. I actually agree with him.

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