So the news media

is making a huge deal about the losses from JPMorganChase’s trading.

$2 billion. Billion, with a B. 2 times ten to the 9th. 2,000,000,000 dollars. Think about how much money that is.

That’s a LOT of scratch. Really, it is. Seriously, a LOT of money. More than you and I (and most of our friends) together will make in our lifetimes…combined.  And I would expect that heads will (continue to) roll over the bad trades/derivative/screwup.

But the fact is that the US runs nearly twice that deficit EVERY DAY.

And no one seems to care about that.

2 thoughts on “So the news media

  1. And during the time Chase was losing 2 billion of their own bucks, they were MAKING 8 billion. The same cannot be said of the FedGov.

  2. Good point, and the person that will lose their job made something like $14-15Million last year, and is apparently in line for a $12Million bonus this year!!! Sigh…

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