Memorial Day

Think about what is for.

A day of rememberance. A day to honor those who have paid for your freedom.

Don’t like your government?

That’s ok.

Like the freedoms you have?


Like the country in which you live? (yeah, it could be better, but lets face it…It is still the best in the world).

Then thank those who paid for that freedom. for the freedom to criticize, who protected this country from others…..Those who chose to take the post, to put themselves in the way of those who would damage, destroy, overcome the country, it’s government, and it’s citizens and change it into something else…..

Just say thank you. Appreciate the sacrifice that they made, the price they paid, and the dedication which they exhibited to protect you, your freedoms, your rights, and your life.

Too many of our citizens forget that too many men (and women) chose to make sacrifices in order that those under their protection could enjoy their lives and holidays such as this

Thank you to all who did so. I, for one, appreciate what you did that I may enjoy this weekend. And my life that you made possible.

It ain’t just about hot dogs, hamburgers, doing yard work, camping by the lake, and having a few drinks with your friends and watching a race. It has a meaning….a special meaning. 


Remember our heroes today. (and the other days too).

Don’t mourn the loss of those who died to protect what you have….
Praise them instead.

Spend a moment….

Say thank you to the countries heroes. …..They’ll hear you. Trust me.

(In my opinion, Memorial Day should not be a day which “moves” in order to create a convenient three day weekend , but should be a fixed day, a day of remembrance, and a special day which we use to memorialize those who did what needed to be done and paid the price….in order that it would be remembered for what it is, not just a “holiday”.)

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Good point! But at least we DO have a day of rememberance…

  2. Sometimes I feel a bit torn about the way Memorial day is observed. I think it's good that people get together, socialize, grill some burgers, and generally relax together because I think many of our veterans, living and dead, wanted people to have good lives. What bothers me is when we spend a holiday like this with friends or family and don't take a little time to stop and think about the price others have paid to make our world possible.

    Hope you have a good Memorial Day. Take care!

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