Frank James says it better than I can.

I agree with him 100%.

The best we can hope for is the scenario of a very divided government this time around. 

I really think that Mittens Romney will be a bigger disaster than Barry O….if he is elected, which I doubt will happen…

Many disagree. That is ok, you all vote your best choices, and I’l vote mine. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I doubt that I am.

Either way, we are screwed. Liberal or “less Liberal”….Statist or just a Big Government guy.

We got nothin’ to vote for, and a vote against just brings the lesser of the two weasels into play. Bad, or worse?

6 thoughts on “Yep

  1. All too true. But the only way we're going to get someone up there worth voting for is if we change the system that puts the idiots in command. Gunnies did it with concealed carry, slowly, and gradually. We can do this. I prefer it to the alternative.

  2. Og:

    I agree that the only way to change things is to change the system….But that is exactly what I am saying. following along like good little sheep and voting for the chosen GOP candidate is NOT going to change the way they pick their people, nor will it induce any change. I haven't heard any cogent thoughts as to how voting for Romney is really any better than voting for Obama….nor any logic on how doing so will change things.

    We all held our nose and voted for McCain didn't help, they just picked Rommney…Likely because, like McCain, he had been around long enough…and was moderate enough that they felt he had a chance.

    Unless somehow we can get the GOP leadership to understand that we don't want "less liberal" or "Obama-lite", they will give us what we are getting……losers who aren't conservatives. They count on the support from you and I and the rest of us. "but the alternative is worse!" isn't a resounding reason to vote for someone like Ronmney.

    The only way I see to get the message to the GOP is to fail to give them the support they count on….party politics. THey depend on the RNC faithful to line up and vote for their candidate just because he isn't the "other guy". And we dop, time after time.

    Romney will lose anyway, with or without my vote. He's too much like Obama for folks like me, and the DNC faithful will not vote for him anyway.

    I'm tired of voting AGAINST someone. I'd like to vote FOR someone.

    But Romney ain't that person.

    Vote yer conscience. I'll vote mine. That is what elections in this country are all about.

  3. I don't know. No matter how many times I explain this it doesn't seem to get through that I'm not talking about voting. I could preface every sentence with "this is not about voting" and i'd still get the same guff about who I'm voting for, I just can't conceive why.

  4. So again, how do we change the system?

    Voting in lockstep with the GOP is one way to help keep it the same.

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