Things like this could easily make me a criminal

While I do sympathize with police and the shit they deal with on their job:

Were something like this to happen on my property or to my dog, I’d likely end up in prison, on death row, charged with killing a cop about 20 seconds later.

And yeah, my dog is a sweetie, and I’d shoot a cop if he/she shot her. Of that there is no doubt. Up close, at the time, or from a ways off the next day….It’d happen. The badge wouldn’t be a shield for that.

WTF is it with cops shooting dogs?

4 thoughts on “Things like this could easily make me a criminal

  1. Dogs don't shoot back, so there is no danger to the cop. That is why you don't see cops taking on street gangs too vigorously. They fight back.

    After the cop shoots a dog, he gets paid admin leave while the incident is investigated. Where is the downside here, from the cop's point of view?

  2. One day a devoted dog owner is going to smoke one, and it will start a mini war with the po-po.

  3. B: You would not be in prison. There would be too many places for you to be safe from them. Assuming you got to them before the rest of us did.

  4. My lab I had for over 16 years got maced twice in her life by cops. she really hated police uniforms but luckily they never shot her or I would be in prison right now I imagine.

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