Then they came for the Jews…

and I said nothing…for I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Tea Party

and only 63 were ballsy enough to speak up. 63 men of courage and conviction.

Remember this, come election day. If yer reps didn’t bother to speak up, then pick anyone else….But get rid of the cowards.

Or we will eventually be left with “voting from the rooftops”…and nothing to lose if when we do.

Only 63 congressmen had the guts to stand up.  I find that sad…Sad that only 63 out of 435. Not a single Senator .  only 1 in 4 Republikans. Not a single Democrat. Or an Independent. The rest are Cowards at best….or traitors. Traitors to their constituents. Traitors to their Oath. Traitors to their country. Bet the majority of those who chose to take the cowards route not to sign will be reelected.

Sometimes I think the population of this country gets what it deserves.

Perhaps those folks in McMinn County had the right idea?

One thought on “Then they came for the Jews…

  1. I noticed a lot of TX Reps on there, including mine (Canseco)- but I'm not surprised than neither of my Sens. signed onto it.

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