Lady luck

She who usually doesn’t even notice my existence, has seen fit to gift me.

While I usually figure that my purchase of a raffle ticket as a donation to the particular charity or organization which is holding the raffle, in this case, I won a rifle. A nice change of luck.

A Savage Mark II .22 bolt action rifle with Accutrigger. Synthetic stock. Blued finish. 3-9 X 40 scope.

She’s a sweetie. I’ll have to post a range report when I get a chance.

I figure that if I had all the money that I have spent on gun raffles for organizations over the years, I could have had H&H make me a custom and have money left over.

So it’s nice to win one for a change.

And just in time for BAG day too.

2 thoughts on “Lady luck

  1. You'll like it, and yes, perfect for Appleseed! Get a Turner sling and away you go!

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