Ya just really don’t know

Thing is, we really don’t know what happened in Sanford FLA.You weren’t there, neither was I….Neither were any of those people in the mobs chanting for “justice”

We do know a guy named Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer.

We know he saw a kid he perceived was out of place, and who (apparently) dressed and acted like a “hood”. We know that he called 911 to report a suspicious person. We know that he was following the kid.

We know that the press picked this up because they thought Zimmerman was white (he is more Hispanic), and we know that Treyvon Martin is black. We know that race is a factor in people’s perception of this incident.

We know that there was a scuffle, and Treyvon ended up dead of a gunshot wound.

We know that there had been a lot of break-ins, and that some residents, even black residents, of the community, had blamed the break-ins on black youths.This is conveniently left out of the narrative. As are nearly all the crime statistics when race is involved.

We know that the family of Treyvon Marin is devastated. We know that even though he was apparently dressed like a hood, his family (as is usual) thinks he was a great kid, just this side of sainthood…. We know that the press shows him as a baby faced kid…..and neglects to tell us that he was 6’2″ tall and was bigger than Mr. Zimmerman.

I know that if I were a kid doing nothing wrong, and some guy started following me, I’d likely have run if that were possible. I know that Zimmerman likely could have prevented this by not following the kid, and that the pursuit likely led to the encounter which led to the death of Treyvon Martin. I also know that things are generally not as they first appear.

The thing is, none of us know any useful facts. We know that the police investigated, and decided that there was enough evidence AT THAT TIME to accept Mr. Zimmerman’s account of self defense.

What we don’t know is anything else, really, of any use in making any determination of guilt or innocence….or somewhere in between.

But I do know this…..The calls for mob action and summary judgement are much more prevalent when it is a black teen killed by a white man or a white cop. And it is generally a mob composed largely of black people. And that they have decided without any facts that they know what is going on. They have decided that Treyvon is innocent, and was murdered, and that Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of that murder. Maybe they are right. WE DON”T KNOW.

There is seldom a call by mobs of white people when a white man or kid is killed by a black man or a black cop. Were that the case, we’d have them daily. Is there something special that makes their wants and feelings ok to have mobs? Perhaps that makes me a racist in some eyes. But I don’t think it is….I just want the same metric for all of us.

What if the Klan had held a rally in support of the killing (for whatever reason) of the late Treyvon Marin? Would that be any better than the black mob  calls for “justice”?  What if the Klan had put up “Wanted dead or alive” posters the last time some black guy shot a white person? Would that, somehow, have been MORE wrong than what is happening right now?

And I cannot recall a mob composed of black people crying for blood when a black man or kid is killed by another black man. Nor do I remember seeing a mob call for summary justice when a white man is killed by a black man or black teen.

But the fact remains….We really don’t know what happened.  And this rush to summary justice, this race baited insistent demand for immediate “justice”is wrong.

But the thing is…WE JUST DON’T know. And we should let the system, and the investigators work, and do their job, and wait for the facts come out before we lynch a possibly innocent man. And I really wish our “Post Racial” president would just shut the hell up until he knew what was going on.

Were this a black man and a white kid, would the mobs of black folks support a lynching? Because that is what they want for this hispanic guy (with a White sounding name) who killed the black “kid”.

What if the positions were reversed…Would they (the black mobs and their leaders) still demand summary judgement?

Via Pissed we have this…which shows that generally there are are no white mobs who do so when the positions are reversed. Strange, that.

3 thoughts on “Ya just really don’t know

  1. We do know that Mr. Zimmerman had been doing this volunteer work for over a year already and had kept other suspicious persons in sight as he called police and never killed anyone. If he was the trigger happy individual he is being painted as he had plenty of opportunity to act on it before this case.

    We do know that the Martin kid was athletic if he had wished to outrun the over weight Hispanic guy it should not have been a problem. If he was frightened from being watched (I refuse to call it followed) then why did he run for the dark back yards and not try to stay in the light and open spaces?

    The set up looks like the Martin guy went to the shadows and set up an ambush and then struck when Zimmerman went to keep the guy in sight before the cops arrived.

  2. we do know there was a an eyewitness witness placing Martin on top of Zimmerman in the scuffle and he sounds credible.

    We do know that the Black Panthers have offered a bounty for the capture of Zimmerman.

    We do know the B panthers are guilty of voter intimidation and the Black justice department let them off the hook.

    We do have photos of Obama with the Black Panthers.

    We do smell a cover up of the truth.

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