Big Brother lives! And he’s getting more powerful

And he’s gonna be listening to every word you say on a telephone, and looking at every email…and every text…and listening in on every Skype call, and it is all gonna be recorded for further review if you come to the attention of the authorities.

Eric Arthur Blair was a prophet. He was just 29 years ahead of his time.

So, if you are doing anything bad, or that the state might disapprove of, better do it with face to face meeting……or in a prearranged one time pad code *.

‘Cause soon, he’ll be watching even more closely….and he’ll have more ears.

Me? I figure I’m already on the “watch” list. I act accordingly.

But I’d be careful what pictures you send via email and text messages. Who knows what kind of people will be viewing them?

I’m not so sure that this is constitutional, but it is happening. And the press, and Congress is letting them get away with it. 

Act accordingly. And think about what your country is becoming. 

*Note: I am not suggesting that you do (or are doing) anything illegal…..But if you don’t want the State knowing….

3 thoughts on “Big Brother lives! And he’s getting more powerful

  1. Good points all… And you can bet 'certain' blogs AND all commenters are on the 'lists' too!

  2. Now you are on the list, my friend.

    Posting comments on, and reading extremist blogs….

    Soon you'll be on Double Secret Probation.

  3. They don't have enough people to watch everyone. They can be watched too!

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