Coming soon to an area near you

Especially if you live in, or near, a large(r) city that is run my “Blue” politicians (yeah, I know, most of ’em are).


Except that the Greeks are, for the most part, decent folks, if greedy.

Some of the people in our inner cities have a …different …take on how they should treat their fellow citizens.

Expect that we will have the same, only more violent, response to the austerity measures that will take place here in the US inanother 3-5 years.

I hope to have sold my business and moved to a more isolated defensible rural area by then.

One thought on “Coming soon to an area near you

  1. I have a feeling that Chicago is going to see it sooner with the shape that the Illinois State gov is in and the recent flash mob attacks downtown.

    Glad I don't live there.

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