Old school

Not quite as hi-tech, but still cool.

Can you imagine the liability if this was sold today?

I do, however, want to build one.

Makes my home built gas powered hydraulic splitter seem “Hi-Tech”.

4 thoughts on “Old school

  1. I was watching how close his hands got to that wedge.

    Mr. OSHA guy would faint.

  2. I saw that the other day and it would make a great TEOTWAWKI splitter. He says it runs on a 4hp motor but I bet you could use water power if you set it up right 🙂

    Kurt.. OSHA would have a field day!

  3. Bah that mamby pamby thing would faint dead away if it hit a chunk of black gum or even elm with a knot in it. Definitely a softwood only splitter.

  4. PP:

    Actually, it'll split oak rather well. The flywheel weighs a LOT. I have used a splitter like this. They split dammned near anything.

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