Content of their character

While I think that the day commemorating his birthday (MLK day) should be on his birthday, not a movable one so that federal and state workers get a 3 day weekend **, the think I want to talk about is this:

What would MLK say about the state of the black culture and the black population today?

What would he think of the fact that more than half of the black population is living off of government handouts?

Of the fact that more than half of the children raised today have no father figure?

What would he think and say about the “Black” leaders today, and what their policies have done to blacks in the US?

Would he think that the black leaders today have destroyed his “dream“? (you can watch it HERE if you wish)

His message was good then. And it is good now. I was raised to believe in what he preached in that speech.

I think he’d be disgusted by what has become of our society in general, and the black society in particular.

**(I mean, seriously, is the reason for the holiday to commemorate the birth of a hero, or who did something impressive…. or to create another day when federal and state “workers” don’t even have to pretend to work in order to collect a paycheck?)