Now it is even easier

For this to happen: Follow the link…Read the story

Look: I don’t know the veracity of this person. I have no way to verify her story. For all I know it is just that: a story.

But I do know that the Patriot Act has many flaws and now, hidden in the National Defense Authorization Act, are even greater dangers…dangers which can lead to (more) stories like Ms Lindauers. Read sections 1031 (especially paragraph (c)) and section1032. No trial. Held on an accusation. No proof required. Indefinite detention. Just on someones say so. No review.

Will the Military and Political folks actually use the openings provided for in the NDAA? Maybe, Maybe not. History says that they will…eventually.

The Constitution provided for protections to prevent such a shadow movement….protections against a hidden agenda or hidden punishments or detention for such individuals. Designed to prevent those in power from abusing their positions. Carefully crafted so long ago to keep the citizens safe from such behavior. That document is what has (so far) prevented this country from becoming, from devolving, into a Russia-like society or third world country like Iran in the ’70’s (or today), where secret police could pull someone off the street for interrogation or indefinite detention for the “Good of the State” as ordered by a nameless person placed into power and allowed to act with no review or fear of punishment.

Today we have allowed our politicians to strip us of that protection. To subvert the Constitution. To piss on the freedoms and the rules which make this country better (and different) than others.

And I find that frightening. If the implications of the NDAA (House Bill 1540) don’t frighten you and anger you, then you are a sheep….and a fool.

How many free peoples have destroyed themselves by proclaiming “It can never happen here!”, only to find out that indeed, it can.And when they find that out, it is (generally) too late.

Read the story. True or not, it should frighten you. And now we have opened the doors to even more abuse, with even less oversight.

I am angry. I am frightened. Not for myself, but for my country. That for which it once stood is being subverted….all in the name of the war on terrorism.  First it was the “War on Drugs”, then it became a “War on Terrorism”. But the erosion of our protection, the Constitution, is accelerating.. It may not affect me, but it will affect your children.

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