Infamy, as in a day that will…

yeah, Pearl  Harbor. 70 years ago.

Few who are alive today remember it.

But it remains the first time that the US took a black eye on our territory. And few realize that it was because our military failed to plan for it, and defend against it. Japan, in one swoop, became our enemy.

Yet today, Japan is our ally, or at least not currently an enemy.

Think about that. Seriously.

And say a prayer for those who gave their all this day so long ago.

Will we ever be at peace with our current enemy? Al Queda:  militant, radical Islam?

Perhaps, but only if we follow the Japanese example, and crush them before we re-make them. And only when we go all out to win, which we haven’t yet done. They failed to “wake a sleeping giant”. So far. So far we haven’t gotten angry as the nation did after Pearl Harbor…and we haven’t been serious about fighting.

Just a thought. Remember…