If you haven’t read these…

Then you should.

Surviving the Economic Collapse” : This is likely where the US will be in 10 years….Europe in 4…..Maybe less.

unless something bad happens….

And you should read “One Second After“…And “Lucifer’s Hammer“. Both are fiction (and dramatized). But both are very plausible scenarios which COULD happen. And which should get you thinking about what you might have to do to deal with the aftermath. Unless you really don’t want to survive….

I do NOT think that things are going to change in a bright flash which in one second changes the world we live in. The more likely scenario is that things slowly slide into an Argentina-like devolution of our country. Less and less “official” productivity…Fewer and fewer people paying taxes and more and more people taking rather than contributing to society…Less and less culture and civilized behavior. (go to the “bad” part of any medium sized town or larger city for examples of the behavior to which I am referring … and lets us not forget how large crowds of “Urban Yoots” can act)….. your hours of work slowly ending up buying less and less as prices edge higher and higher and inflation destroys your buying power. Police and courts and laws becoming less and less effective over time. More and more criminal behavior (which becomes more and more blatant) and less and less you can do about it.

The above statement does not preclude me from preparing to have enough time in a “SHTF” or “grid down” scenario to learn to deal with and adjust my lifestyle. To prepare for the big change which could occur. To plan for and deal with the things I can, and think about what I can do for the things I cannot realistically prepare for.  To stock things which may become scare rapidly. To have available things which I cannot easily make.Tools, seeds, food, etc. To acquire knowledge that will help me prosper in a less technological society.

Nor does that belief preclude me from having a Bugout Bag (some call it an Oh-Shit!-Kit) handy if I need it.

But whatever you think, please, prepare. Prepare for what you think might happen. Prepare for the worst you can reasonably prepare for. Get out of debt (I am working on that part), get some knowledge, and get preps so if and when you have knowledge. But please, prep.

Remember: Darwin is brutal…and uncaring.

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  1. I personally expect a "false flag" event to speed things up.

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