Don’t even think about it…

Was talking to a man the other day….He knows me, and knows I am a prepper.(I sometimes preach…what can I say?)…He isn’t, but he has all the toys…boat, cars, jet skis, motorcycles, etc…. During the conversation he asked if I am still prepping? “every day” I replied…”You?”

“Nah” he said. “I’ll just come to your place”.

“Don’t even think about it, brother…”I replied. “Not unless you show up with 6 months worth of food for every person you bring, along with a rifle and pistol for each person and 500 rounds of ammo for each weapon…Else I’ll give you one meal and show you to the gate and wish you luck. No tickee-no washee.”

“But if I have all that I won’t need to come to your place!”


Hope I never see him, if and when.

But he’ll make his choices, just as I make mine. 

2 thoughts on “Don’t even think about it…

  1. Ya what to do about folks like that will be a problem. Even if they don't show up they certainly will talk.

  2. You're a nice person. Last moron that said that to me was told that they'd be treated like any other looter.

    They actually had to ask what that meant. Some people really are clueless, and the like it that way.

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