So one wonders where the gun,

Specifically the AK which was used to poke holes in the white house, came from?

No one is saying, as far as I can see.

Was it, perhaps, maybe one of those Fast and Furious guns that I apparently missed out on because I am not a gang member or a part of the Cartels? (Discrimination, I tell you, I want my unregistered AK-47!….I helped pay for the damned things!)

Seriously, does anyone know the provenance of the weapon?

3 thoughts on “So one wonders where the gun,

  1. That's my bet. I really hope that is where it came from…. Eric Holder's Fast and Furious.

    It would be sooo fitting.

    Simply amazing that no one's talking…

  2. The mainstream media is too busy trying to paint this guy into a tea partier to post any real details about him at all. The things you will hear over and over is he is from Idaho, and has a tattoo of Israel on his neck. I would like to know his immigration status, and where did he get the rifle. Some reports have him as a Zeta. If this is the case it is probably not a "Gun-walker rifle", as those have gone primarily to the Sinaloa Cartel, who our President seems to be betting on after the Mexican government collapses. Its amazing after 3 hours I knew Loughner's g.p.a. in middle school, yet there are virtually no details about this guy and he is charged with the attempted assassination of a President.

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