Y’know, the more I see the way the political landscape shaping up, the more disappointed I am.

On the one hand, we have Barack Obama. His one redeeming quality is that he has stayed true to his roots. He is a useless, foolish, unskilled (as anything but a politician, rather than a leader), somewhat radical redistributionist. He hasn’t surprised me one bit. While I didn’t vote for him (and won’t this time either), he has been exactly what I expected.

On the other hand, we have….well, basically not much:

Romney? Nope. I’ll likely vote for no-one. Or write-in something cute. But I WON’T vote for him. Especially since the MSM has decided that he is who they want to run as a Republican. Besides, he is just Obama-Lite.

Gingrich? Causes me to feel nauseous. Not a chance. See “Romney” above.

Perry? Yeah, when he can remember his lines, he says all the right things. But nah. not him either. He’s just Romney-Lite.

Cain? unlikely he will be the nominee. The “politics of personal destruction” have worked their magic, and I doubt that he will make it. The RNC hasn’t done much to help him, unlike other candidates. We’ll see. Might vote for him, might not.

Bachman and all the rest. Yeah, I laughed too.

Sadly, the RNC hasn’t bothered to find a decent candidate. Perhaps this is the legacy of Mr. M. Steele. Perhaps it is just an indication of the failure of the RNC leadership. I’d like to have had the chance to vote FOR someone rather than AGAINST someone else. Doesn’t look like it is gonna happen this time around though.

I’m not going to “hold my nose” this time. Maybe to some it is a wasted vote, but I’m not gonna vote for the lesser of the two weasels this time around.

Were I able to, I’d force every ballot to have “None Of The Above” under each list of candidates. My money says that’d win about 70% of the time.

Perhaps this should be the next big push for us Tea Party folks to make happen. A nationwide push for a real choice instead of choosing between two folks whose only difference is HOW they are going to screw things up for the rest of us.

So how do we get “None Of The Above” on the ballots?

3 thoughts on “NOTA

  1. Had an election in Nevada quite a while ago – maybe the 80s, I forget. But "none of the above" won so the election was taken to court by "one of the above" that lost. The judge ruled "none of the above" actually meant "undecided" and gave the election to whoever came in 2nd.

    No, Mr Judge: When "None of the above" wins, throw all the jokers out and start over with a fresh deck.

    But elections aren't about picking a candidate the voters like, they're about selecting between the particular can of Coke and Pepsi already decided upon. 7-Up is rarely allowed to run, let alone win.

    Celebrate diversity – but only the diversity allowed and you WILL pick either this can of Coke or that can of Pepsi. Or have one picked for you.

  2. I will never vote for Romney.
    Gingrich I have problems with, but could be convinced.

    One thing I'm not going to do any more either is vote for the lesser of the two evils. That's what got us here in the first place.

  3. I will likely vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson in the primary, and third party in the election.

    What we really need to do is get rid of the current primary system and go to some form of instant runoff–so people can vote for who they really like, instead of whoever is most likely to win against the person they can't stand.

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