And this was just to save a few bucks.

All of you folks who think civilization will survive a serious SHTF scenario are not thinking things clearly.

I am here to tell you that when things go all pear shaped that everything is going to go completely apeshit when people are unrestrained by the threat of punishment  from the local constabulary and the courts.

So what do you think is going to happen when people are hungry….or when they have children crying because their bellies are bloated by the fact that they haven’t had anything to eat for a week? Or when they are cold and their clothing is wet or worn out….and you have food and are warm and dry?

People can’t help (some of them at least) acting like animals to save a dollar or two at a Black Friday sale. They attack each other, fight, kick and claw each other. They use force and weapons to get head.

What do you think those people (and others of their culture) are going to do when things get serious?

I guarantee you they won’t be singing “Kumbayah”.

They are going to try to take you shit, because they spent any money they had on a big screen TV and an X-Box when you were saving. Now you have it and they need it. What do you think they are gonna do?