And this was just a few days

Seriously, in Connecticut, after only a few days without power, folks are going nuts.

Apparently unable to go for even a few days without the convenience of blow dryers, microwave ovens and electric lights, these people (at least some of them) are going off on the power company and the line workers.

All after only a few days without power.

They are apparently unable to deal without that wonderful AC and all that it does. And it’s not like there is real winter yet. Not too terribly cold. Not too terribly windy. 

Look folks: if you want to know what things will be like after an EMP or CME event (also known as a Carrington event), you need look no farther than this story.  Folks there do have people who can help, they do have a timeframe for repair of the grid, they do have shelters to which they can retreat. Think about what these folks would do if the power DIDN’T come back on in a week or a month.

These are the same folks who depend on electricity but cannot take the time to prepare for a bad storm…who won’t get a generator, who can’t be bothered to have a few days of low-prep or no-prep food on hand. Who cannot be bothered to have a secondary source of heat for their home.  These folks have access to food, water and shelter. Just think if none of that were available. How would they act then…when there was NO food and NO shelter and no near term (like months or years) chance that it would be available…What would they act like then? You think that the thin veneer of civilization is going to still be intact after weeks or months? When they are hungry and thirsty (or their children are)?
 Kaytina and scenes like this should be a warning to all of us.

Be smart folks: have a generator or a plan to access one…have fuel for it for at least 40 hours. Or a plan as to where you can take your perishables and your family where there will be what you need. And a plan to keep what you have, and a plan to prevent others from taking your stuff.

’cause sure as shit, the folks referenced above will likely be demanding it.

And if things get all pear shaped, you’d better have a plan to deal with folks like this….and the smarter but less ethically challenged ones too…’cause otherwise they’ll likely take your shit and squander it.


And I have noticed that for some reason this sort of thing seems to happen more in the bluer shaded areas than the red ones. Here, we are glad that the line workers show up after (or during!) a storm. Few people get all bent at delays due to massive line damage. I remember an ice storm years ago that saw 99+ percent of the area without power. We dealt with it. We might have been uncomfortable, but we survived, and quite well. And no one whined, even though we had no power for a week or two.

Must be the blueness. Must make people into sheep, unable to care for themselves.

2 thoughts on “And this was just a few days

  1. I have found that those liberal types who think they can make the choices for everyone else are the ones who demand the most for themselves as well. Liberal/progressive/feminism is a mental disorder.

  2. Off topic: Maybe if you offered our friend a cat that always stays out of doors?

    I have another friend in Northern Cal who has such a cat, and that one cats keeps all the vermin in check. Apparently that cat and his dog, a dutch shepherd, have a truce that nobody had to train either one to enter into.

    I'd make no bets you'd have any luck, but there is a small chance it could work out. LOL

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