Ah, shit,….what did they tell me to say?

The fact is that if he REALLY believed the words that were coming out (or, in this case, failing to) of his mouth, he’d likely have been able to remember that pesky third agency.

Sadly, Perry fails the test. If he really believed what he says, he’d have been able to remember. Maybe a stumble, but to completely forget? Total brain freeze? Nah, I don’t buy it. He forgot the words he was briefed to say. The words someone told him would resonate with people like you and I.

I was considering him. ’cause, with the exception of his stance on immigration and related issues, I liked  what he had to say. But it now appears to me that his statements do not reflect his beliefs, but rather are the products of focus groups.

So he goes into the discard bucket with Newt. (not that Romney was ever considered)/

Who is left? Can Cain overcome the lynching attempt smear campaign?

’cause I’ll vote Wookiee before I vote for Mittens Romneycare.

One thought on “Ah, shit,….what did they tell me to say?

  1. Not that it really matters-

    The (mostly) conservative biased radio station I listen to (WOAI AM) mentioned that gaff more times today than the entire MSM did for the iWON's 57 state comment….

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